In this volume we explore Victorians’ levels of legal capability: the knowledge, skills, attributes and resources that are required to effectively understand and use the law to achieve fair outcomes.

These findings build on those reported in Volume 1 and provide the most significant effort to quantify legal capability to date, and unprecedented insight into levels and patterns of legal capability in Victoria.  

This report will help build a better understanding of legal capability in the community, and where policy and practice can be tailored to meet strengths and deficits.

The findings, together with Volumes 1 and 3 of the PULS will help reshape and optimise limited resources and services, and ultimately democratise justice.

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The impact of everyday legal issues

PULS Vol 2 identifies barriers to achieving fair outcomes to justiciable problems. Five Victorians share their experience of legal problems, the impact on their lives, and the help that made a difference.

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