Understanding legal need and  legal capability

The PULS will be the first of its kind in the world and represents a significant development in this kind of research.

The PULS explained

In these short videos, VLF Research Director Nigel Balmer explains the project, what we'll learn and the future impact of the PULS.

What is the Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS)?

This short explainer video covers the intent, purpose and value of the project.

What PULS will do

The PULS provides new ways to capture and understand people’s experience of and response to justiciable issues.

Rethinking the experience of law from the bottom up

In this, the first of a new video series, we’ll be breaking down parts of the PULS to give a little background on the purpose and value of the project.

Read the latest PULS report

This first volume updates the broad picture of access to justice and legal need, explores how justiciable problems are experienced, what people do about them, and how they progress and conclude (if they conclude).
Everyday Problems and Legal Need