Discover how people understand and engage with the law

The Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) is ground-breaking research to understand legal capability, attitudes, and experience of the law in Victoria.
PULS Volume 1 now available

Understanding PULS

Learn more about the background of the PULS along with the intent, purpose and value of the project.

Everyday Law Stories

Victorians share their experience of everyday legal problems, the impact on their lives, the help that was available and if the issue was resolved


Young apprentice Ruby wasn’t receiving pay slips from her employer. Understanding your rights is a common everyday legal problem. Ruby shares how timely advice from multiple sources, helped to navigate the legal issues.


Ray experienced bill shock after some home maintenance and is struggling with the issue due to financial hardship. Managing unexpected bills is a common everyday legal problem. Ray shares how he may have to get a loan to pay for the increased expense.

PULS Publications

Explore our range of publications interrogating the Public Understanding of Law (PULS) data

Everyday problems and Legal Need

This first volume updates the broad picture of access to justice and legal need, explores how justiciable problems are experienced, what people do about them, and how they progress and conclude (if they conclude).

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